Last night JMK and I attended our 3rd prenatal class. Apparently this class was deemed as the scary class because it was all about medical interventions and drugs that can be used to assist during labor. I honestly was dreading this class the most. I know given the results from my 20 week ultrasound that there is a very good chance I may need to have a scheduled c-section… So the fact that I knew most of the class would be devoted to learning about c-sections freaked the freak out of me.

JMK actually had to leave the class at one point to get fresh air. We were learning about epidurals and the process of administration… and I’m guessing the diagrams and everything began to make him feel quite queasy. I thought he was going to pass out. I had to remind him after the class was over that he does understand that I am the one that would be undergoing these treatments… Not him. Haha.

This class wasn’t as ‘scary’ as I thought it was going to be. It made me feel more aware of alternatives. Most people don’t need to usually chose these alternatives, but at least I know if I face a situation where I could have chose an alternative at least I will have some knowledge about the matter. I’ve also come to accept that it is okay if I need a c-section. C-sections are only performed if there is risk to myself or the baby… It is extremely important to me that both the baby’s and my health be put first.

For now I’m just going to tuck this information away, and if I need it later than it will make me feel much more comfortable knowing that I know what is going on.

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