Oh my god… I can’t even begin to tell you how much food I have consumed today. Seriously it is like my stomach is an endless pit that is just never satisfied. Here has what my food consumption has looked like so far today…

Breakfast: Toasted tomato sandwich with cheese, Tea
Snack 1: Cookie, Tea, Orange Juice, Water
Snack 2: Mini brownies, Apple cereal bar, More water
Snack 3: White Cheddar KD Crackers, Milk, More water
Lunch: Leftover Hamburger Hash, More water
Snack 4: Cookies, Diet Coke
Snack 5: Dill Pickle Chips, Christie’s Bacon Dipper Crackers, Water
Snack 6: Fruit Roll-Up, Apple Sauce, Milk
Dinner: A & W Mama Burger, Poutine, Diet Coke

And the day still isn’t even done yet. Oy! Usually I don’t eat this much in a day, but I have no idea what has come over me today. I just can’t stop myself. I swear you’d think I’d look like a huge cow by now… Thank heavens I don’t! I just have this lust for food today…

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