I LOVE my weekends! And when I say LOVE… I mean with a passion! I’ve found that my love for the weekend has grown even more since I entered the second trimester and am now approaching the third. Probably only because lately I have been lacking in motivation at work, and would love for nothing more than to be on mat leave or at the very least put on sick leave… But that is a whole other story…

We had such beautiful weather this past weekend, and were able to spend most of our time outdoors. Yay! On Friday night, I came home from work and sat on the deck reading Eclipse. Yesterday, JMK and I did some yard work… And well today, we just chilled on the deck all afternoon and spent some quality time together. It was great! I can honestly say I haven’t felt this relaxed in a looooonnnnggg time… The only wish I have is that this next work week fly by just as quickly as the weekend has.

Now I’m going to cozy up in my PJs and indulge in some wings and non-alcoholic beer while watching a movie with the hubs! Ah the weekend life. Gotta love it!!!!

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