Have I ever said how much I hate doing my income taxes?! Let alone other peoples income taxes. Last year I agreed to help one of my bosses during the income tax season… Why I agreed to that is beyond me. Just call me crazy! I’m not a huge fan of working with numbers, and while I love problem solving and all of that good stuff… I don’t like tasks that are repetitive. So income taxes should not happen to be one of my fortes, but unfortunately it is.

This year as a result of my pregnancy my boss didn’t bother me with the extra hours and requiring my assistance during the income tax season… So you’d think I would have gotten off easy. Not a chance! Tonight I’m sitting here re-doing my own tax return for the third time… The joys of figuring out how to right off your own employment expenses… Every time I thought my return was done, I’d find something else that I should be claiming. In the end I did end up with a better return, but holy heck was I every ready to pull my hair out!!!! I’m not kidding… I was slowly feeling myself go crazy… I may have actually began singing the song over and over again in my head.

But now I can happily say that I my tax return has been submitted, and I am now off the hook for another year. Yippee!!! 

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