Back in January, the hubs bought me a SummerInfant Heart-to-Heart fetal doppler. I was constantly worrying about the pregnancy, and my growth, etc. I kept fooling myself into thinking something MUST be wrong because all the other July mommies on a forum I frequent had already “popped” so to speak, and here I was with such a wee-tiny belly. When JMK first brought the doppler home, I was only 15 weeks… so the likelyhood then of the doppler picking up anything wasn’t very likely and sure enough it only picked up my pulse. Upsetting, yes… But I knew it was still early and not to let my guard down.

Last night as I was lying in bed I decided for shits-and-giggles that I was going to pull out the doppler to see if I could hear anything. I’m now 25 and a half weeks pregnant (keep in mind). The moment I turned on the sound to my sweet ears delight, there it was! Her cute little heartbeat, just thumping away. It is such a reassuring and soothing sound. I immediately had to call JMK upstairs to hear for himself. He too couldn’t believe how clear the heartbeat was. It was soooo amazing, and such an intimate moment for JMK and I to share together.

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