Over the past little while I have been experiencing a lot of cramping in my hips and mid-section. Cramps… to the point that at times I want to hunch over and just curl into a ball. Usually cramping at this stage in pregnancy is related to sciatic nerve pain or round ligament pain, but I could tell that obviously this was a little something more than that. Anyway, today I decided to take a personal day from work… Well, they actually think I am sick, but whose telling them?! I also happened to have a midwife appointment schedule for this morning too. Bonus!

My midwife appointment went over very well. I always look forward to these appointments because it means I’ll get to hear my little one’s heartbeat… if she actually chooses to stay still for once. Today she did a fair bit of thrashing around initially when I had the fetal doppler placed on my mid-section, but the midwife was actually able to get a steady count of the beats today (unlike my last appointment). Her heart was beating clear and strong at 170bpm. During the appointment I also took the time to discuss my concerns about the pain, and it didn’t seem to surprise the midwife much… especially after reviewing my ultrasound results. My ultrasound from a month ago showed that the baby is lying on her side and that she is currently breech. The tech made a note that the baby is not readily willing to move into position on her own… It is almost as if she has found a spot and she is just extremely cozy in that position. The midwife informed me not to worry; that yes, this what probably was rooting to most of my pains. At 30 weeks, they are going to feel for her and see if she has gotten into position on her own. If she hasn’t they are going to attempt to move her into position themselves between 30 weeks and 32 weeks. If by 34 weeks the baby still is breech, the midwives at that time plan to send me for an ultrasound to determine if an early c-section is required. The last thing they want is for something to compromise my safety or the baby’s safety. But again that I am not to worry!  Well… uh… I’m not sure if anyone has ever told them… But don’t tell a pregnant woman (especially a first time expectant Mom) not to worry about something because the first thing they are clearly going to do is WORRY! Heh.

I keep telling myself that everything is going to be fine, but I guess it is difficult for me to keep a clear train of thought because so far throughout my whole pregnancy I have been prepping myself for a natural delivery… It never really occurred to me until today that there is that slight possibility that I could need a c-section. Oddly enough the thought of a c-section scares the living shit out of me. Oy!

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