Another weekend is said and done. Why must they always fly by?! It certainly never feels like the weekend is quite long enough, regardless of how relaxed you feel. Considering how much I relaxed all weekend, I’m feeling quite tired. Funny how that always happens! Ah well… c’est la vie!

Yesterday, JMK and I took advantage of the rainy weather and decided to hit up some malls and conquer some shopping that we’ve been meaning to get done for Lil Miss C. We’d been meaning to go out and pick up some more outfits to add to her clothing collection for weeks, but we kept putting it off. We ended up buying 8 or so outfits for under $100.00. Bonus! The part I love the most about buying clothing for my little love bug is then coming home and hanging them in her closet. I can’t believe that in a little under 3 months time she will be wearing some of these outfits. Eee! This pregnancy is flying right on by.

Tonight, JMK and I are attending our first prenatal class. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the idea of it just yet. For the longest time I was dead set against wasting my money on prenatal classes… But after sitting down and having several chats with the hubs we figure that it is for the best that we take them. That way we can have a better understanding for labour, the process, pain techniques and so on. I can’t quite explain why I’m feeling offish about taking these classes… Its not like I’m scared about the labour part itself (trust me I get a lot of strange kicks when people find that out!). To be honest the part that scares me the most about labour is the fact that I could “poop” on the delivery table while pushing Lil Miss C out… Or, that I could even get so hot during labour that I might just rip my hospital nightie off. How attractive would that seriously be someone pooping during labour while ripping their night gown off? Sounds like a party, right?! Uhhh NO!!! But oddly enough that is my biggest fear… Heh.

I guess I should stop procrastinating and finish getting ready for work… I’ll keep you all posted on how tonight goes… :S

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