When I mentioned the other day that the thought of labour itself freaked me out… I think I must have been on drugs! Honestly after watching the live birthing video at my prenatal class on Monday… All I have to say is “OH MY GAWD!!!!”… I have less than 3 months to prep myself for that. Not that you can ever really fully be prepared for labour. Yikes!

I’m really glad that JMK and I have signed up for these classes. It really helps put perspective on things, and in the end I think I am going to feel  that much more relaxed on the day that I happen to go into labour. Just knowing that JMK will be able to understand and time contractions, and just try to help me through will make everything that much easier.

Next weeks class focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques. Out of all the classes, I’m definitely looking forward to this one the most!

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