After having one hell of a week… I can now happily rejoice in the fact that it is now the weekend! Thank god!

With Saturday almost being said and done, I can admit that I’m actually feeling quite refreshed and rejuvenated. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today!!! So of course those who know me well know that I spent most of the day outdoors basking in the sun. I spent the day sipping lemonade and chilling in the lounger on the deck; while JMK was working on the yard (He is very anal when it comes to the yard!). It was lovely! We had planned on BBQing some tenderloins for dinner, but our plans were put on hold… We were hit by a late day thunderstorm.

Now with Sunday only around the corner I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. Sleeping in is definitely on the agenda… and then some shopping for Lil Miss C in the afternoon. Who knows exactly?!? I just plan to make the most of whatever it is I do!!!

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