Last night was just one of those nights where I just couldn’t sleep. I think I must have seen each hour roll by. Since becoming pregnant I haven’t had a full nights sleep in months, as a result of the nightly bathroom visits… But usually I get a decent amount of shut eye considering. I just don’t know what it was about last night… I couldn’t get comfortable. I felt absurdly hot. The wind was blowing violently. Lil Miss C was kicking up a storm. There were just so many different outlets to why I couldn’t sleep.

Given my lack there of, of sleep, I probably wasn’t the most pleasant person to interact with today. I had to deal with a ton of bullshit at work. As soon as I got home tonight, I had a really hot shower… climbed straight into my PJs… made some hamburger soup (my comfort food) for dinner… and just vegged out on the couch. I couldn’t fathom doing anything more than just that. I just wanted to be left alone.

I hope tomorrow is a better day… *sighs*

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