This morning I was completely thrown off guard when an interior designer walked into our branch to meet with a few of the advisors. I knew that the advisors had been planning on doing a branch clean-up… It does need a little bit of work to make it look more modern… But as I listened to them talk to this woman and express their ideas… One of their ideas stood out to me, and not in a good way. “We’d like to move NK from where her desk is to reception, and MDE from her desk to NK’s.” Umm excuse me?! Fuck that idea! The last time I checked my job description where does it outline that I am a fucking Receptionist… rather it does outline that I am an Advisor Assistant/Executive Assistant. Argh! I seriously feel like they are trying to push me away.

When I took this job a little over year and a half ago, they completely lead me on making me feel that there was excellent opportunity for advancement, great incentives and annual increases. What a load of crap! If I could go back in time I would have never submitted my resignation at my last job… I was so happy there and I would have rather do that commute any day then have to feel as low as I am. I’m better than this!

It just is upsetting because I invest so much of myself into this job, and I’m beyond exhausted. JK gets concerned because I have been working myself really hard… I don’t really have a choice considering they threw another advisor on my plate… and I ‘ve tried to explain that it is too much and I need assistance, but they think it is a good thing. So I just keep on going… *sighs* It just feels like they don’t seem to appreciate everything that I do anymore… It is funny how all this began happening once I announced my pregnancy… 🙁

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