Ok… Ok… So I know… I am totally slacking on updating my LJ. Things have been so hectic at home since finding out I am expecting, and on top of that work has been absurdly busy. I am actually already in countdown mode… Counting down the days remaining until I am officially on mat leave. Let me tell you that my mat leave seriously cannot come fast enough. Haha.

At home, we have been busy trying to get the nursery ready. We have made most of the big furniture purchases already, so we are now more so on to the stage of planning out the decor. The only thing furniture wise that we have left to buy is the change table, which oddly enough is the furniture piece that I seem to be most picky about. Strange, I know. We really lucked out when we bought our crib a few weeks ago. We decided after our huge fiasco with Babies’R’Us to chance it and go take a look at a crib model in Sears that we really liked. We figured it would most likely be on backordered considering most nursery furniture in the color of Espresso seems to be… But we were surprised to find that Sears had one of the model in stock… A woman had ordered it, and decided she didn’t like the color so cancelled her order when it came in. Bonus for us!

Today I had my 20 week ultrasound. It took almost an hour and half, and should have only taken 45 minutes. Let’s just say I have a very stubborn baby. And, it wasn’t that the baby was stubborn in the sense that he/she wasn’t being active… But rather that the little one was being too active and eventually just decided it was time to take a nice long snooze. Haha. The tech had me doing everything from stretching to lying on my side to chugging apple juice in order to wake the wee one up so that she could finish taking all the measurements that she needed. We did end up finding out the gender, and I am very happy to announce that…. It’s a GIRL!!!!!!! When the tech announced the news to the hubs and I , I couldn’t help but tear up. I can’t wait to meet her and hold her for the first time, and tell her how much I love her. Eee!

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