So if you read my car post from the 21st… It is certainly not news to you that my car has been acting up yet again. On Monday, I had the hubs take my car for the day. I just couldn’t fathom having the CHECK ENGINE light glaring at me my whole way to work and back. JMK did have wonderful news when he got home on Monday night, though. The horrid light had turned off on its own accord. Thank god!

However, the whole car problem got the hubs and I talking about my car… or just cars in general. My current car is a small little sporty two-door, which was absolutely perfect for me when I had first started driving. However now with Lil Miss C on the way… it just isn’t practical anymore. JMK had worked out a budget to see if we could afford putting me into a new car. At first I was not excited about entertaining the idea of a new car, but then when we went out to the dealerships today I couldn’t help but want to feel like a giddy little school girl. We tested out a few different vehicles, and I decided on a Kia Rio5. Eee! I’m so friggin’ excited! This will be the first brand new car that I have ever owned. It is going to be really hard to say g’bye to my cute little 2-door sporty car… But it is time! Tuesday cannot come fast enough.

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