Kay so I will certainly be the first to admit that this is a total random post… But what the heck?! This morning as I stood in the kitchen taking my daily vitamins and other supplements… it dawned on me. I take a lot of friggin’ pills on a daily basis.

Below is a list of the pills I take on a daily basis just to give you a general idea…

1 Prenatal Vitamin
4 Folic Acid Pills
6 Evening Primrose Oil Pills (only from cycle day 1 to cycle day 14)
6 Apple Cider Vinegar Pills or 2 Teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar prior to eating each meal
1 Reactin
1 Vitamin B 6

Now if you add that up… That is a lot of friggin’ pills to be taking in one day! LOL. :p

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