Oh boy, oh boy have I ever forgotten how much I love my afternoon coffee…

Life around the office has practically come to a standstill. Literally, it is absolutely DEAD! Most of the advisors are out on holidays, as well as the other assistants. The past 7 hours have gone by so slowly. Seriously by the time 5PM hits it is going feel like 5 years has passed me by. I can’t say that tomorrow is going to be any better, which I am totally not looking forward to!

Anyway, this afternoon I decided to do something that I normally don’t do… I decided to go out for a quick afternoon drive to Tim Hortons. You can ask anyone in the office, and they will tell you that I am not known for leaving the office during the work day, unless I have to go to the bank. So I think the two advisors that were in today were quite shocked that I went out, and were in total awe that I brought them back coffees. I guess you can say that I scored some brownie points. Haha.

Anyway I’m sitting here at my desk typing all this ‘babble’… and enjoying my nice, HOT afternoon coffee! I think I may make these trips more frequently. Hehe.

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