Wahoo! Another long weekend has arrived finally. Today had to have felt like the longest work day of my entire life. Seriously! For anyone who had to work today, they probably can relate to what I am saying. All of my bosses were off on vacation this week, and today only the other assistant and I were in. It was soooo friggin’ quiet. I managed to sneak out of the office at 4 today. Whoopie! Only an hour early, but still… It was an hour earlier than normal!

After work I had to run up to the WalMart Supercentre and do our weekly groceries, and then rush home to start getting ready for the weekend. JMK had to work late tonight (Go figure! It always seems to happen that he is working late on the Friday before the long weekend)… But oh well… I can’t complain… That made for me being more productive, which leads to getting more done around the house and preparing for our weekend getaway to my Dad’s trailer. I also made this super yummy Crispix snack too! I plan to take it up to the trailer with us tomorrow. I’m seriously addicted to this snack though… It is Crispix covered in melted chocolate, peanut butter and icing sugar. Yumm-o! When I am prego… This snack is going to be deadly for me! Haha.

Here’s the yummy recipe…

3/4 cup peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup butter
8 cups Crispix cereal
2 cups powdered sugar

Melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and butter together. Pour over the cereal in a large kettle or bowl and stir well. Pour the powdered sugar into a large brown paper bag and add the cereal. Fold the bag to seal and shake well to coat evenly.

I don’t really have much else to update on… Hehe. I mean I did get a message from said ‘friend’ today, which really I could start a HUGE rant on, but I am not even going to get into it. All I have to say is IDIOT! And then distance myself from the situation. Haha. And… did I mention… I could seriously do for a girls night!! LOL.

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