So another long weekend is looming on us… It is only about 2 days away. Usually by this point the hubs and I have planned out something to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time around. In a way I guess I am kind of bummed out about it. All summer I have been making it clear to JMK that there were sooooo many things I wanted to do with him, and his response to whatever I suggested was ‘Yea, we will do that for sure this summer.’ Well it is now almost September, and like I said the last long weekend of the summer is only days away — and guess what?! We haven’t done anything that we had suggested doing this summer. I mean we had planned from hitting up the Toronto Zoo one weekend, and going to Niagara Falls another weekend to enjoy our annual summer drink on the patio at The Secret Garden (which this doesn’t seem like it is going to be an annual occuring thing anymore). We also had thought about taking the ferry across to Centre Island, and afterwards hitting up the CN Tower (because I have never been in the CN Tower before). And lastly, we were going to hit up Wonderland — we haven’t been there since 2006… Bah! I am not writing this post in hopes to get pity from anyone… I guess I am just kind of bummed out. I had all these expectations and plans, and they seem to have all fallen out the window. I just REALLY hope we figure out something to do soon!

K.. Well my vent is done… Off to work I go!

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