So it just dawned on me today that as of tomorrow, it will have been 6 years since I quit smoking. I’m so proud of this milestone!

It is sad to say, but I initially took to smoking shortly after my sister passed away (I was 12 at the time). Smoking to me at that age was like my rock through the rough times. I know that sounds bad, and I mean that is bad when you think about it… But I was young, and I didn’t know where else to turn. After my grade 12 graduation, I decided it was time for me to make some changes and smoking was one of them. It was very hard to drop the addiction, but I did it. I slowly went from having two packs a week to having one; then I eventually cut back from a pack a week to having a few cigarettes a day, to then only having a cigarette day… which eventually from there I would have days where I wouldn’t smoke at all. When I got down to the point of not smoking each day, if I had a craving I would either have a black piece of licorice, a lollypop or Alpine gum instead. This is what worked for me!

Anyway… I do still miss and think about my little sister daily! I would have done anything to have been given more time to spend with her, but unfortunately God has different plans for her. I know she is always looking down on me where ever she is, and that one day I will meet up with her again. I miss you, Dani!

Sorry to lower the mood of my post, but I just had to share this with everyone; and get it off my chest!

The point to my post isn’t to get sympathy or any of that. I know there are so many people in the world who are trying or would do anything to quit smoking. I know from experience that it is a very hard habit to kick to the curb, but it is possible to fight the addiction. I mean I did it. Sure, I do still have my days where I would love to just run to the local convenience store buy a pack, light up a smoke and just chillax… But I won’t do it — no matter how bad of a day I am having. My health is more important to me! So for those who are looking to quit, I totally back you up and support you on your journey. Just know that if you put your mind to it, you can do it! It may not happen right away, but eventually you will conquer the craving. 🙂

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