It baffles my mind how quickly time flies. Exactly one year ago today the hubs and I moved into our first home together. At this time last year, I would have been sitting in the kitchen unpacking boxes (and *crying*) while the hubs was picking up his buddy, Adam from the Go Station. Why crying you may ask?! Well… As everyone at some point in their life has (or will) experience… Moves never go smoothly or according to plan. Our house was an absolute mess when we moved in. It was almost as if the original owner was like ‘Okay, the house has been sold, so I am not liable to maintain it anymore…’… The kitchen stove was scrubbed for 2 hours straight to remove caked on grim and dirt; the kitchen sink was so dirty it had to be bleached. The trim leading up the stairs and the bathroom tubs were black from all the filth. It was disgusting. I hate to say it, but walking into our new home in this state kind of made me wish that I hadn’t killed myself from spending so much time cleaning and scrubbing the house we had moved out of… But you know I thought it would be the courteous and polite thing to do. On top of that… Practically everything we had wanted to move into our basement (couches, wardrobes, etc.) couldn’t fit and as I was sitting on the kitchen floor unpacking… The movers proceeded to keep coming into the kitchen to make me aware that these items would not fit in the basement and what would I like to do with them. By the time they reached the final item (being our love seat) and proceed to come and let me know ‘Uh Ma’am… Unfortunately you love seat won’t be able to go in your basement…’ I was practically bawling. Thank goodness, my Mother-In-Law arrived shortly after that fiasco and was able to cheer me up.

We haven’t jumped into too many household projects this year. In the winter, we painted the kitchen and bought a new dining room set. The next project after that was installing our deck. James and his Dad worked on this project for the course of June, and we only just wrapped up the project on the Canada Day long weekend — just in time for our Canada BBQ. What great way to break in deck! Hehe.

What project is next, you might ask?… Well given how much money was invested in installing the deck, we are just going to take a break and enjoy life while trying to save up a little bit of extra cash. We would love to start finishing our basement in the winter, but that is not a realistic option for us at the moment… Especially given that we are currently trying to start a family… You never know come winter we may just have a ‘wee one’ on the way. Hehe. 😉

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