Seriously, where the heck has time gone?! July is drawing to a close, and August is almost upon us. It has been 6 months since my 24th birthday… I can’t believe it. It feels like only yesterday we had a handful of friends over at our place celebrating. So much has changed since then! My hubby and I have grown as a couple, and have began the lovely journey of TTC. I have started to rid of ‘toxic’ friends, and have had a few new REALLY good friends enter my life.

Going into the new month I am going to work towards ridding of anything in my life that brings negativity upon my life. It isn’t worth the stress, and emotional strain of having to put up with a bunch of negative bull shit. As of late I have had this one friend who has done nothing but bestow upon me all the crap going on in her life. While at the same time, do you think I could turn to her if I had anything going on in my life that I needed to talk to someone about?… Uh no! And, you call yourself a friend. I think NOT! While I used to be there for her and saving her all the time… I’m just not going to put myself forth like that anymore. I feel like all the hours I spent on the phone with her (not to mention high cell phone bills) have been a waste of my time and money. Every little bit of advice that I seem to have provided has gone straight in one ear and out the other, and I am done with it all. It is all too high school for me! Which I am done with high school and have been for YEARS now. So tah-tah toxic friendships! I’m so grateful to have had new friends in my life, and these new friends have started to bring into light what the definition of a ‘true friend’ is.

Also in August, I am going to lie low on the TTC front. I am distancing myself from baby forums, and I am not going to analyze my chart. In the past months I have been known to sit there and literally obsess over analyzing my temperatures and symptoms… and I mean it is not worth it. My hubby and I will end up pregnant when the timing is right. I am still young, and I have so much life to live. My goal is to just enjoy trying with my hubby, and when it is meant we will end up pregnant. I’m so grateful that one of my friends could bring all of this to light for me because she is totally right, and I can see that now that I have had time to process my thoughts, and put all of this into perspective. 😀

Well… I’m running late for work!


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