Sooo now that I have been married for over a year… I find I am always being asked the infamous questions… “When will you and JMK be trying to conceive a baby?” or “Are you pregnant?” …. And to be honest I am quite sick of family members asking. I mean most people know that JMK and I are trying, so what is the need for added pressure. You may think I am reading into matters too much, but it has come to the point that this is really upsetting me! JMK and I have been trying for 4 months now… Each month being unsuccessful. We are trying to keep a positive outlook on things, but I mean… at times keeping up that positive outlook is really hard. I have spent plenty of time crying over getting negative pregnancy tests. Trying to conceive a baby is certainly an emotional ride. I know pregnancy doesn’t just happen, and that it takes time to conceive a baby — but the journey certainly is a rollercoaster!

Not too long ago, JMK and I attended my Aunt’s 50th birthday party. Dinner was being served later than norm, and I was starving. Each table had an bowl of dill pickles, and it happened that everyone at my table did not really care for them… so I enjoyed ALL 12 slices. Might I also mention that, that night I also decided to enjoy Gingerale on ice because I just didn’t feel like drinking, and I figured what the heck I’ll let my hubby enjoy himself for the night and I’ll be the designated driver. I didn’t think that any of my decisions that night would cause a ruckus, but surely enough of all people… my friggin’ Dad’s girlfriend had to pipe up in front of my whole family explaining reasons as to why I MUST be pregnant. I couldn’t believe it! What hurt the most is my Dad was just sitting there not even asking her to stop when clearly it was upsetting me. It took my Aunt (who was celebrating her birthday) to pipe and be all like ‘Would it be such a big deal if NK was pregnant?! I would be quite happy for her and JMK.’ Well my Dad’s girlfriend of course had to rebuttal about how young I was and that I should wait to try to conceive until I am 25 and blah, blah, blah. It was such an awkward situation. I still can’t believe that it even took place! God forbid… I love pickles! And… God forbid… I decide to not drink for one night! Shit!

I would love for more than anything to be pregnant! And, I know it will happen as time takes its course. I just wish family members (especially) could be more respectful of situations…

Vent over… I just had to get this off my chest, as it has really been upsetting me…. *sighs*

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