Netflix Stream & Scream Guide

Halloween may be for one day a year, so don’t settle for mediocre! Netflix has created the ultimate stream and scream guide to  streams and screams. A guide with enough spooky titles and inspiration to keep you in the spirit throughout the all of Halloween. Whether you are planning to head out for a night […] Read more…

Zevia Solves Soda Dilemma with First Naturally Sweetened Zero Calorie Soda

This Autumn, The Healthy Shopper has discovered a smarter soft drink swap.  Experts at finding ways to “Unjunk your Junk Food,” the health savvy duo of Andrea Donsky, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Healthy Shopper co-founder Randy Boyer say “cheers” to Zevia, the first naturally sweetened, zero calorie soda. Conventional sugary soft drinks and diet soda […] Read more…

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