I have been blessed to have been able to breastfeed my youngest exclusively over the past 7.5 months. Our journey started off fairly rocky. With failure to thrive issues lingering over our heads, I found myself having to nurse every hour and also top her up by supplementing breast milk through a tube at the breast. It would have been anyone’s best guess that our breastfeeding journey would have been short-lived. However, I am proud to say that Everly is probably one of my best nurslings yet.


However, I am well aware of how quickly circumstances can change. I have been down this road before with my two older children.

My firstborn, I breastfed exclusively for 2 months and exclusively pumped for 5 months.

My second-born, I breastfed for 9 months. Our relationship was going very strong until my supply started dwindling.

While my youngest daughter downright refuses to take a bottle (I don’t blame her. Breast is best, in my opinion), I can appreciate that I should always have a bottle on hand. Just for that off chance that she may let me escape for a few hours of Mommy time.


I have a huge stash of bottles tucked away, and my favourite of the bunch is the Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle. This bottle makes it easier to combine bottle and breastfeeding, and is now the #1 bottle brand in Canada. It is made with premium borosilicate type 1 glass material (pharmaceutical grade), which is thermal shock and heat resistant.

The Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle features:

  • Advance anti-colic system with innovative twin-valve design
  • Wide ‘breast-like’ shape, which makes it easy to latch-on
  • Unique comfort petals inside nipple increase softness and flexibility preventing collapse
  • An ergonomic shape, which makes the bottle easy to hold in any direction – even when in baby’s tiny hands
  • Thermal and shock resistant, BPA free
  • Interchangeable with most Philips AVENT feeding products

When bottle feeding, I have also found it important to keep a bottle warmer on hand. After all – what parent has time to stand at the counter waiting for the bottle to warm up while sitting in a mug of hot water. It just isn’t practical.

avent bottle warmer

Philips AVENT’s Fast Bottle Warmer is just the solution for that. This fast acting bottle warmer can warm a bottle in 3 minutes. It warms the milk evenly while also preserving it’s quality.

Want to know another great feature about this bottle warmer? It has a defrost function! Making it easy to safely defrost frozen breast milk in a cinch while you continue to spend quality time with baby.

This bottle warmer came in quite handy recently when I dropped my little one off at my Mom’s while my husband and I attended a wedding. Even though she refused to take the bottle for the whole 8 hours we were gone, we at least had the comfort of knowing we were prepared.


I’m thrilled to be a Philips AVENT mom!

Philips AVENT recognizes that having a baby is the greatest experience in life. Pregnancy and early parenthood is both an exciting and challenging time, when it’s good to know there is expert advice on hand to help take care of you and your baby. Philips AVENT prides themselves on helping moms feel more confident and reassured by uncovering the tiny things that make the biggest difference.

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Disclosure: I am a #AventMomCA. I have received special perks, product and/or compensation as a part of my affiliation with this group. All opinions are those of my own.

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