New Mom 101: Top Hospital Bag Essentials (& Lug Tuk Tuk Diaper Bag Giveaway!)

Pineapple… evening primrose oil… raspberry red leaf tea…
car rides down bumpy roads… sex… long walks… squats… bouncing on a yoga ball… spicy food…

Does any of the above sound familiar to you?

They are certainly natural labour inducing strategies (or old wives tales) that are quite familiar to me as of late. While I have not gone to the extreme of trying to naturally induce labour. I can say that I am regularly taking evening primrose oil, and rekindling my love affair with iced red raspberry leaf tea. Anything is better than having to constantly guzzle ice cold water day-in and day-out. The iced raspberry red leaf tea has been a welcome and refreshing change to the everyday diet.

While evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea aren’t proven to kick start labour. They have been shown to assist in the ripening of the cervix and toning of your uterus, getting it in the prime condition for when labour onsets.

In the past week, I have experienced a fair bit of false labour. Menstrual cramping, rectal pressure, pelvic pressure, lower back pain and nausea. Nothing to out of the norm given how far a long I am in my pregnancy, but alarming enough at the time that preterm labour was a concern.

I can happily say I am now past the 37 week mark, and the baby is officially full-term! (insert excitement and mild panic here…)

At today’s midwife appointment, I had an internal done. The cervix is still high and closed, and the baby is at station -4. For those who are unaware of stationing, a station refers to the engagement of the baby’s head within the mother’s pelvis. When a baby is station 0, it is deemed engaged. When it is measured at a minus landmark, it is not. Thus, my baby is still 4 cm away from being considered engaged in the pelvis.

In the past week, I had a lot of time to rest as my midwife requested I stay off my feet until reaching the 37 week milestone. During this time, I took the opportunity finally pack my hospital bag. Being that I am planning a home birth, I put off packing the hospital bag for obvious reasons. Reality is that the hospital bag needed to be packed either way. Last week just brought with it the push for me to get ‘er done, and tucked away!

Many Mom’s have trouble knowing what to pack in the hospital bag. Here is my list of hospital bag essentials for baby and Mom:

  • Receiving blankets
  • Newborn hat
  • Weather appropriate outerwear
  • Car seat (while you won’t fit this in your hospital bag, you will need to bring it to the hospital in order for them to release you to head home with your baby)
  • Snacks and drinks for labour
  • Slippers and/or extra socks
  • Flip flops
  • Toiletries and make-up
  • Lip gloss
  • Body lotion
  • Extra pillows from home
  • Extra towels
  • Extra clothing (lounge wear, PJs, undergarments)
  • Health card and insurance information
  • Tylenol
  • Menstrual pads
  • Nursing pads
  • Nursing bra
  • Camera
  • iPod
  • Diapers, wipes and diaper cream
  • Olive oil for perennial massage (optional)
  • Lavender massage oil (optional)
  • Midwifery binder (if you are in midwifery care)

The list may seem quite lengthy, but really when you get everything packed into a decent sized diaper bag or gym bag you realize that really you aren’t packing that much more than you would to prepare for a night or two away from home.

All my hospital gear is now stowed away in my Lug Tuk Tuk Carry All Diaper Bag.


The Tuk Tuk is the ultimate carry all diaper bag! No joke. I was amazed by the spaciousness of this bag. You would think with a spacious diaper bag that it would also be bulky. The Tuk Tuk is far from it.

The Tuk Tuk is equipped with all sorts of necessities, including:

  • padded straps,
  • ventilated compartments,
  • removable drawstring bags (perfect to store soiled clothing or dirty diapers)
  • removable padded changing mat
  • hidden straps to hook the bag to a stroller if the need arises, and
  • many organizational pockets (including pockets to store bottles).

The Lug Tuk Tuk is available in 10 fabulous colours! Personally, I love my vibrant rose pink bag! That being said, I am obsessed with all things pink. 

If you are a new Mom or looking for the perfect shower gift, I certainly recommend checking out Lug. If you are not an expecting parent, that is OK too! Lug offers a wide variety of bags, storage items, blankets, pillows and other various items to suit anyone!

And – with all of the above being said… I have an awesome giveaway for all you fabulous readers! How would you like to win a Lug Tuk Tuk Carry All Diaper Bag? Here’s your chance!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents only. Giveaway ends March 17, 2014 at 12AM EDT.

To learn more about Lug and /or connect with them you can check them out on FacebookTwitter, or visit their blog.


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