Being a blogger, community manager and project manager… it is safe to assume my smartphone is always in arms reach! I kid you not, if my smartphone is not in sight I enter panic mode.

Why the need for panic you ask? Because I know when my smartphone vanishes that these little fingers got their hands on it!

Caseco Shock Express vs 2 Year Old

AND – while I certainly don’t mind letting my children use the learning applications that I have downloaded to my smartphone. I much prefer that play time is supervised rather than unnoticed.

Let me just say – it amazes me how much mischief my 3 year old can get up to on my smartphone. He knows how to escape the children’s shell. He has changed my profile picture on Twitter and Facebook. He has even sent out many gibberish tweets and pictures of the floor. Just about anything his heart delights. However what I love is that the one thing I don’t have to worry so much about is that if he drops my smartphone (especially now that I have been provided with the Caseco Shock Express) it escapes extensive damage.


The Caseco Shock Express  is a stylish and tough smartphone cover that offers dual protection due to its soft inner rubber layers and tough outer hard shell. The perfect combination for the smartphone to absorb shock upon being dropped or thrown across the room (because you know my child likes to throw just about everything). The ergonomically designed shell is curved to help prevent slips and provides the user with additional grip.

One gaffe that I have encountered with many other cell phone cases over the years is that I have found the cases cover the ports and buttons. Making it damn near frustrating to use the phone. The Shock Express may cover the volume keys and other buttons to provide protection from wear and tear, but it does not lessen the users ability to operate the phone.

Bullet 2-Port

Another Caseco product that I covet is the Caseco Bullet 2-Port 3.1 Amp USB Car Charger. 

I am on the go often. Whether it be out for client meetings, attending events, running errands or just visiting friends and family… Life takes me places, which means my electronics tag along with me. The Bullet 2-Port 3.1 Amp USB Charger makes it possible for me to charge not one, but two of my products at a time should the need arise.

The Bullet 2-Port 3.1 Amp USB Car Charger is compatible with most smartphones and tablets including the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.


With that being said, I also covet the Caseco PowerBox Universal Backup Battery Charger. A charger that my 3 year old likes to insist is a tube of lip gloss. I am convinced that to this day he thinks I am pulling his leg when I tell him that – in fact – it is not a tube lip gloss, but rather a charger. This kid would do anything to hoard my lip gloss, I tell you! However this says something about the size of the PowerBox Universal Charger… It is compact, sleek and stylish making it convenient to tuck away in your work bag or purse!

The PowerBox Universal Charger is capable of providing more than 500 charging cycles for your smartphone. It comes with a micro USB charging cable that works with majority of cellphones and tablets in the market making it a great affordable,  portable backup battery charger that provides you with a great on the go charging alternative for your smartphone.

To learn more about all of these great products, pop on over to the Caseco website!

Disclosure: I have received all of the above-mentioned products to cultivate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are those of my own.

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