So we head to the hotel by the airport tomorrow evening, and head out for Mexico Thursday morning. This trip has crept up on us sooooo fast! When we first booked the vacation 3 months ago, I was in a state of ‘OMG… I have an absurd amount of time to pack’. Fast forward to the past two days, and it has been completely chaotic for me. I’ve literally been running around with C for the past few days like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I’m sure it doesn’t help either that I was away all last week, and that today I had to make an impromptu trip to the doctors.

Yesterday and today I spent running around buying baby foods, diapers (swim & regular diapers), infant deflatable swim toys, a travel kettle, toiletries… I could go on and on… It honestly felt like I’d never see the light of day where I’d get back home. On top of that I had 4 loads of laundry to do. All this had to be done before I could even pull out the suitcase to begin to pack. Tonight at 8, I finally had JM get me to suitcases, and as of 10 we are now some what organized. I have a few odds and ends left to pack up tomorrow before I can call it a day and focus on cleaning the house. Fun times! I never thought preparing to travel with an infant could be so time-consuming and mind-boggling. It’s all worth it though!

Given how much needed to be done tonight… we deemed tonight a fright night and had barbecued hot dogs and poutine for dinner. Not the healthiest meal. But who cares when you’re this busy! Seriously…

Anyway, I’m exhausted so I’m calling it an early night…. Good night all! *Zzzzzzz*

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