It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a “Two Things Tuesday” post. There’s just been so much going on that it would’ve been very hard to focus on just writing two little tidbits… when really the topic was whole post worthy. So here goes nothing… This week I’m dedicating the two things to sharing tidbits about me.

  1. I can proudly say that I’m fitting back into all my regular clothing, and really no longer have a need to wear my maternity clothes. It only took me a whole 8.5 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy body… only! I never thought I’d see this day again. However the only downside is that nothing fits me the way it used to. My old clothes just don’t gel well with me, and I look ridiculous in them. Bah! Too bad the budget right now don’t really allow for me to buy new clothes, otherwise I’d be hitting up the mall stat!
  2. I spent the whole morning cleaning the house. I actually don’t mind cleaning… In fact I rather tend to enjoy it (most days!). I find it is one outlet that certainly helps me to relieve stress, especially when I have a lot on my mind or am just having a bad day. Cleaning it certainly my forte, and my house¬† always has to be cleaned a certain way or else I will reclean it. That might explain why JM just lays low on the housework and does the menial tasks. Who knows?! I just know that I enjoy having a clean house.

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