Feel guilty because you pretended to be in a very deep sleep so your hubby would get up with the baby?  Or, feel bad that you forgot your own birthday……again?!?  Don’t!  Just join me and all the other moms that are being brutally honest about all our shortcomings.  Head on over to Mckmama’s blog to join in the blog carnival fun and link up your “not me” Monday post.

Here’s an overview of how my week went down…

Wednesday night ended up being a fright night at our house, which meant I had to throw together a not-so-fabulous gourmet dinner in a very limited generous amount of time. I ended up making us fake-out Tuna casserole… with chunked chicken tuna flakes. The meal was as fake-out real, as can be. My husband hates tuna… it had to be! I would never make a meal and substitute an ingredient with something that he claims he doesn’t like, and then watch him devour it. That’d be cruel! Not me!

C has been teething pretty badly all week, and on Sunday morning when she got up for the day I notice she had a disgusting oh-so-fabulous pooplosion. Just what I didn’t wanted to deal with first thing in the morning. The hubs was just getting out of the shower, and I  did didn’t scream for him when he got out of the shower to come help me deal with it. No, never! I handled it all on my own. It’s not like he had to rush into the room and take over because I almost vomited from the site and stench. Not me!

 One day last week C had been fussing quite content and playful all day. When JM got home from work I passed C straight over to him, grabbed my car keys and when out for a breather I told him not to worry about seeing to C, and took her straight upstairs to get ready for bed. Not me!

I did didn’t overplay the new song BodyBounce by Kardinall Offishall all week. Not me! I love can’t stand that song! 

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