In the past week C has reached a few new milestones, and I’m so proud of her. I can’t believe how quickly she’d growing up.

Over the weekend, she cut her 7th tooth. Yesterday I went out and bought her, her first toothbrush and some toddler toothpaste. It’s never to early to start practicing good dental hygiene, in my opinion.

Over the weekend, C finally attributed the word “Mama” to me, all while in a happy state. She loves to yell and babble Mama at me all day long now. When she yells, it and I turn around and acknowledge her – she’ll shot me a huge flash grin. It melts my heart.

Yesterday, C took to standing against the rail in her crib or even against the couch. She can’t pull herself up to do it just yet, but is able to hold herself up quite well if placed in the standing position. We just watch her very carefully. It’s a step closer to learning how to walk. She is vigorously trying to figure out how to get on her knees and pull herself up on her own.

She makes me sooo proud!! I love her to pieces!!

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