Yesterday afternoon when I was taking C for a walk, I bumped into one of my neighbours on the street (who also happens to be off on maternity leave). We got to talking about how crazy it is that our little ones grow up so fast, and how quickly the first year goes by… and then that is when my neighbour piped up and said “So you and JM will have start trying again soon” and then turned to C and said “Maybe Mommy and Daddy will soon give you a little sister”. I know my neighbour meant well by what she said, and that she also had no idea what I was going through right now either. I just quickly responded “Yea um no” followed by a quick friendly chuckle… Essentially insinuating that I don’t want to try for the next for a while. 

Deep down I knew I’d run into a situation like this, but you never really know how you are going to handle it until is happens. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I felt my tear ducks welling up and my throat felt like it had my stomach in it. I so badly wanted to just tell her what had been going on, but really I don’t think it is necessary to spread the news to everyone. Thankfully I was able to maintain my composure, and worked through the situation with as much ease as I could in order to continue on with our friendly conversation. It was definitely hard to keep on my strong face though.

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