Okay so I was kind of skeptical about making this journal entry. I had been tossing around the thought of it all day, and well finally here I am typing away… My brain is totally scattered, and while I am trying to disregard what is going through my head… Well yea… I can’t! I mean I wish life were that easy. Haha.

In the past month I made a goal for myself to get my butt back in shape. I mean after my wedding day past… I kinda just let my workout regime go, as well as myself. For a little while I hadn’t been feeling… well yea know… pretty. This had nothing to do with self-confidence issues… It was more so to do with weight gain and not being able to fit into clothes… Which is not such a good feeling. Anyway, so I have been working out actively about 4 to 5 times a week depending on my schedule. So today I get home, get on my work out gear, plug in my iPod, and get started on the elliptical… I last maybe 10 minutes and I start to get really dizzy and tired. Now rarely ever do I experience dizziness… So at first I waved it off had a drink of water and kept on going, but it wasn’t going away — so I figured screw it… I am home alone; if I collapse or whatever like I am screwed — and got off the elliptical. Now that I have had a chance to sit down, drink some water and re-coup I am feeling better and back to normal. But man, that was a weird feeling.

I know this may be TMI, but AF is due on Saturday… So maybe the dizziness is attributed to that?! Which would be odd because I haven’t had any sign that AF is on her way yet. Usually I get a lot of cramping before AF and spotting, but nothing is to be seen as of… YET. I mean for the past day or so I have had a strange pulling feeling in my abdominal area, but that is pretty much it. Bah… I hate feeling so weird! LOL.

I am refusing to let myself read into this… I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t this month… And look here I am now typing about it. I just wish I could know what is bringing all this on. Only time will tell…

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