So it is not news to my closest of friends, but it is to our family… What you might ask?!… That JMK and I are trying to start a family… Well at least it wasn’t news to our family until this past weekend.

On Sunday, we had my FIL and his girlfriend over to our house for a BBQ. We rarely ever get to see our parents being that we live a good hour or so away from them (of course that is depending on traffic!). So when we do have our parents up they tend to arrive in the early afternoon and leave in the later evening, which gives time for many drinks to be had, lots of convo to take place, etc, etc. So anyway we were all sitting out on our deck, and discussing what I was thinking of doing career wise in the long run. Everyone knows that I am not really digging my new job. I am an Advisor Assistant at a Financial Planning firm, and I do not make anywhere near what I am worth and I totally do not see any raises in the near future. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the people I work with, but the perks that would keep me at a job for a lengthier period of time just aren’t there. So I was expressing to my FIL and his girlfriend that I thought down the road that I perhaps would look into finding some part-time work, and also go back to school. This of course sparked the ‘Will you be planning to start a family?’ JMK jumped in and said ‘Yes, soon.’ And I just kind of looked at him like — shut up. So my FIL’s girlfriend was like ‘Oh, how soon?’. JMK was like ‘Whenever’. Being that the girlfriend didn’t get the answer she wanted, she just came right out and was like ‘Well, are you not wearing protection anymore then?’… JMK with a proud look on his face says…. ‘NOPE!!!!’ I just couldn’t stop thinking OMG!!! I mean James and I had been discussing for months that we were not going to be telling our families because we figured that, that could cause added pressure, etc. We had only planned to tell them when it happens…. So it was news to me that those plans had changed. Haha. Thankfully, my FIL did take the news quite well… I think. He just said ‘Really?’ and sat there we a smile on his face. Haha.

Anyway… I couldn’t resist sharing this story. Hehe. TTYS!

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