Now I am not your typical concert-goer. I have gone to one concert before, unless you also consider when bands play at bars a concert… If so then I have gone to three concerts. Regardless… Tonight will mark the second major concert event that I have ever attended, and I am pretty damn excited! Haha. The last concert I attended was years ago, and it was the Justified Stripped tour. A few weeks ago one of my works wholesalers gave me a call, and said they were hosting an event in their box at the Molson Amphitheatre on August 7 — would I like to go. Of course my first inclination was to ask what concert they were hosting… Anyways, it turns out I will be attending the Backstreet Boys concert. I had quite the laugh when I first found out. I absolutely LOVED the Backstreet Boys back in the day (like we’re speaking through grade 7 to 9 — so years ago!). Back in the day I would have given anything to attend a BSB concert… I mean I planned to marry AJ McLean or Nick Carter for frig sakes. Haha.

Now while BSB is not my type of music anymore, I am certainly looking forward to the concert. I think it will be totally fun to relive my youth, and bop around to all their old songs without a care in the world. Hehe.

I am going to the concert with my co-worker (and friend) – MDE, her sister and her husbands cousin. MDE and I were both originally given two tickets each, and I had invited my cousin to tag along with us. My cousin had originally accepted the offer, but decided to bail out late last night, so we had to scramble to find someone else to take the ticket. I’m so glad we did, and that the ticket won’t go to waste. Mesler has loaded her iPod up with tons of Backstreet Boys song… So the plan is to listen to nothing but BSB all the way to the concert, and get us all pumped up. Haha.

Tonight should be fun and interesting to say the least. Hehe.

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