Crunchy Garlic Parmesan Kale Chips #WhatsCooking

KaleChips (1 of 1)

It has almost been 11 months since the birth of my daughter, Everly. Can you believe it?!? Neither  can I. It feels like just yesterday that I was preparing for her impending arrival. Alas, here we are awaiting her 1st birthday. This past year has been one wild ride. A good one nonetheless. However with […]

Apple-Raspberry Protein Smoothie #GayLeaMom

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Eating properly in the morning is so essential to starting the day off right and helps curb those dreaded 3pm snack-attacks. One of my favourite foods to eat in the morning is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is packed with protein and calcium. In fact… Did you know that 1/2 cup of Nordica Cottage Cheese offers 15 […]

New Year, New You with Orange Naturals #ONatural


With the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season behind us, it’s time to finally tackle those long-overdue to-dos and put those goal setting resolutions into action. Right? Right! That’s easy for some to say. New Year’s resolutions tend to be all to easy to make, but hard to maintain. Personally, I am not one to set […]

Soothe Your Mind & Body with doTERRA Essential Oils


Over the past year, I have come to hear a lot of great things about essential oils. It seems like many people are using them these days to help soothe the mind and body, to incorporate in cooking and use around the home. Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Beginner’s Trio from doTerra. […]

Nourish Your Skin this Winter with Skin Care Products from Shoppers Drug Mart

Biotherm Aquasource Cocoon

With winter upon us, so are those winter skin woes that we all have been dreading. If you are anything like me as soon as the cold weather hits, dry skin takes over. A condition that can certainly be a nuisance and frustrating to deal with. Shoppers Drug Mart has always been my ultimate destination for […]

Tips for Traveling with the Kids in the Winter


December has always been known as the month of travel for my family. We live in a small town about 1 to 2 hours east of our parents, so when it comes to the holidays we tend to take turns traveling to visit one another each year. Usually we will attend two Christmases’ in the […]

Coffee Cake Muffins with Eggnog Rum Glaze


Rewind to the beginning of December. I see an icon pop up. It’s a Facebook notification. The outline for the month of December has just been posted to the Gay Lea Mom Ambassadors group.  Great, I think to myself. Keen to get a head start on this month’s post, I read over the outline. The […]

Reindeer Munch #whatscooking

Reindeer Munch

8 days until Christmas Eve! Can you believe it? The next week is going to be sheer hustle for me. Wrapping presents, preparing edible gifts and trying to find time to just sit back to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer. I am not sure which day I am looking forward to more. Christmas […]

Mozzarelissima… The Cheese that Screams “Comfort”


If there is one thing that you have learned about me over the years, it is that you know I absolutely love cheese. I love to cook with cheese. I love to pair wine with cheese, and apple pie too. Cheese to me is the bees knees. One of my all-time favourite comfort foods. A […]

Duracell Powers Holiday Smiles {Giveaway}


As a parent, you know that the holidays won’t go smoothly if you haven’t stocked up on batteries – an uncharged camera, a dead remote or even worse… a non-functioning toy could lead to disappointing tears rather than those sought after holiday cheers. With that in mind, for the second year, Duracell has partnered with Hasbro […]