Berry Cherry Protein Smoothie

Berry Cherry Smoothie (1 of 1)

Mornings around my home tend to be quite chaotic. So often it is easy to want to flock to the drive through to grab my morning coffee, smoothie and muffin. However, it isn’t always the best option for my wallet or waistline. For this reason on busy mornings, I tend to find myself preparing smoothies that […]

Garlic, Jalapeño and Sun-Dried Tomato Sauteed Shrimp


Sometimes planning out meals can be quite chaotic! As if it doesn’t feel like there isn’t already enough time in the day, you also have to allot time to make dinner for the family. However, if there is one thing I have come to learn, it is that the dinner hour doesn’t have to be […]

The Importance of Self Care for Moms #ONatural


Do you ever have those moments where you just sit in front of the computer and just lose yourself in watching the cursor blink in a new blank document? That would have been me for the past 45 minutes. Writers block, anyone? Thankfully, I had Orange Naturals Focus on hand. I took 1mL under the […]

#ReadAnywhere with #KoboGloHD


Me time is something I crave often. In fact I have entitled my me time as mommy timeout. When I am on a self-imposed timeout, I usually grab a glass of wine, my smartphone and my latest paperback novel and flock to the soaker tub to unwind. Just a girl, her book, enjoying some peace and quiet. […]

3 Make-Up Tips for the Ultimate Date Night Look! #PGMom


To get you ready for an evening out on the town, look no further, COVERGIRL and Olay are here to help you achieve that star look so you steal the spotlight. To help start the night off right, prep with Olay’s newly enhanced Total Effects formula with 40% more vitamins and the highest level of […]

Celebrate Spring with P&G and Shoppers Drug Mart {Giveaway}

pantenedaily moisture

Just as you switch out your wardrobe for the new season, your beauty regime also needs a little pick-me-up to help celebrate the arrival of warm weather. This month, P&G is excited to get you ready to enjoy the sunshine, featuring Award Winning P&G products to renew your look this May available at Shoppers Drug […]

Handpicked Spring Snacking from The Healthy Shopper {Giveaway}


This spring, The Healthy Shopper has handpicked a fun new snack with clean ingredients and touts the benefits of a creamy nut butter with a coconut twist.  Experts at “Unjunking your Junk Food,” the health savvy duo of Andrea Donsky, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Healthy Shopper co-founder Randy Boyer offer a couple of unique ideas […]

Burst into Spring with Shoppers Drug Mart


Spring is finally in the air, and I couldn’t be happier. The winter seemed to drag on forever, didn’t it?!? Well, I can tell you what I haven’t been doing these past few days… I haven’t been hibernating indoors in my sweats. My family has been getting outdoors and embracing all that this beautiful world […]

TRANSFORM by moveBALL: The Ultimate 30-Day Fitness Challenge + Giveaway


Something I have struggled with since the birth of Everly in March 2014 is regaining a solid fitness routine. If you know me, you know how much I love and crave my time to exercise. For me exercising isn’t about losing weight. In fact that is the last thing on my mind. Rather I love […]

7 Simple Solutions to Help Kids Manage Seasonal Allergies


I feel like a bit of a broken record, but today I’m going to chat with you more about seasonal allergies, and provide you with seven simple solutions to help kids manage seasonal allergies. If you haven’t gathered by now, my family suffers from seasonal allergies. I take the burnt of it in the Spring and […]